Have you heard it said, “the time and money you spend on getting your work published is an investment”? Have these same people whom you remunerated reached potential audiences for your work and affected sales?

If the answer is no, take a look at the book publishing services we provide to see if they will work for you.

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At Brian First Publishing, we understand it can be difficult to know who to trust when publishing your book. While the goal is to eventually get your writing into the hands of as many people as possible, you want to make sure your book is protected in the meantime.That’s why we also offer notary services when necessary throughout the publishing process. Our authorized notary can help protect your work and ensure you get the credit you deserve for your writing.

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One-on-One Editing and Proofing

At Brian First Publishing, we can help you fine-tune your manuscript with our content/copy editing and proofing services. We can fit our work schedule to your time and workplace requirements. You will be able to directly access our book editors for discussion of proposed changes and for finalizing them.

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Cover and Interior Design

The cover design significantly affects a book’s journey. An effective design gives the reader an idea of what the book entails and can significantly sway the reader into purchasing your book.

At Brian First Publishing, we offer a wide selection of thousands of stock images for you to choose from when designing your book cover. You’ll also have access to our illustrator who can customize your book cover and the interior.

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Finalizing and Print

After your book has been fully fine-tuned, you will receive a copy to review and finalize. Upon finalization, the manuscript will be converted to PDF for print distribution as hard or soft cover publication and/or as digital copy depending on your preference.

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Global Distribution

Through global distribution of your manuscript via major online retailers, your work will get exposure to readers worldwide. The goal is to generate sales of your product for maximal earnings. You will also have the option to list your book for sale on our site for a small fee.

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We will offer your work worldwide exposure through numerous electronic channels, including popular public venues such as Amazon. Marketing will include word-of-mouth campaigns, press releases, email marketing, display on our publishing website, and social media marketing through our cadre of bloggers and Google+, Facebook store, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Libraries will also be involved in marketing your work. As our distribution partners, libraries utilize advance catalogs to publish titles on a monthly basis. Your title can be annotated and included in the catalog, which is made accessible to around 7,000 U.S. bookstores and libraries as well as 27,000 international and domestic retailers.

Publish Your Book With Brian First Publishing

If you’d like to learn more about our book publishing services or you’re ready to submit your manuscript, reach out to Brian First Publishing today.

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