Manuscript Submission


All work must be submitted via email to:

The manuscript should be uploaded as an email attachment.

Authors must also submit as email attachments (1) an introductory statement that includes a brief summary of the manuscript’s content and why the book is worth reading (2) a statement about you, the author – your style of storytelling, talents that make you unique as a writer, and any other relevant information or credentials that set you apart from fellow writers.

Manuscripts that we consider generally fall within the following categories: children’s books, animal stories, short stories, novels, biographies, memoirs, documentaries, food and dining, travelogue. Feel free to also submit books on related areas.

Acceptance for publication will be based on the quality of your product. If the work is stellar, we will publish it “as is.” If it is of high quality but needs fine-tuning, we are ready to work with you to bring it to the publication level and then publish it.