About Brian First Publishing

Brian First Publishing, LLC was founded in 2014 by writer and entrepreneur Gregy Alexander. The firm’s mission: to provide a level playing field for undiscovered writers, particularly budding authors of a diverse array of race, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, to market their works, generate sales, and maximize earnings.

Without ties to the publishing realm and credentials to boot, and without an already established track record of book sales, it is not easy for a writer to grab the attention of reputable publishers. Many gifted writers among ordinary people may thus remain undiscovered. And some become victims of dishonest agencies that take their money on false promises of providing valid critical reviews, book promotion, and book advertisements to generate book sales.

Since the process of winning over reputable publishers is arduous, many authors are now turning to self-publishing. Even then, it can become an expensive deal when outside services, too often overpriced, are utilized to get a book into its complete form, ready for marketing and sales. Promotion and marketing overcharges add to the financial burden.

Brian First Publishing offers to make the process of publishing your manuscript transparent, fair, equitable, and cost-effective. The company will ensure that authors of diverse backgrounds get wide exposure for their works through multiple mediums that will drive sales. We offer to bring within the reach of our client authors services that the traditional publishing realm provide their elite authors. We invite you to utilize and capitalize on our services. Let us make your dream a reality. Your success is our success!